JK Associates (Business Reg. No. SA0226517-W) was founded on the 25th June 2012 as a business solutions and consultancy provider (Sole Proprietor Ownership) in the field of Protective Security Services.

The firm is a privately owned company based in Selangor, Malaysia with a core business in customized security consultancy services alongside events management (seminars, conferences, talks, workshops and community programs) and general trading.

Principal Consultant

Mr. Khen Han Ming, Principal Consultant of JK Associates is a graduate in the field of Protective Security Management at the International Islamic University Malaysia where he received a Postgraduate Diploma (DPSM) and Master of Protective Security Management (MPSM) – specializing in the subject matter relating to Intelligence Based Investigation.

A Life Member of the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA), Khen brings with him a rich, substantial past and current experience specializing in the field of Law Enforcement, Aviation, Diplomatic and Government, Transport/ Cargo and Lodging/ Hotel Security Operations throughout his professional career.