The Malaysian security fraternity, particularly the Royal Malaysian Police should never forget that even before Al-Qaeda and Daesh, the LTTE was the first terrorist organisation to pioneer the use child soldiers and concealed explosive belts and vests (suicide vests).

According to the information published by the LTTE, a total of 378 suicide attacks were carried out between 5 July 1987 and 20 November 2008.

Out of the deceased, 274 were male and 104 were female.

Led by Prabakaran, the LTTE adopted a twofold strategy; by galvanising the International Tamil Diaspora in his favour and weakening the state through acts of terror.

The main reason why counter-terrorism practitioners started to focus their attention on LTTE after the 9/11 attacks to Sri Lanka is due to Prabakaran’s global reach.

His group is an integral part of the international terror network with its tactical and technical strategies used is in fact of terrorist tactics ranging from hostage-taking, hijacking to car-bombing.

New methods have been quickly absorbed and copied among terrorist groups worldwide.

The physical attacks and assaults that occurred on the 4th of September 2016 at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport against the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and the Abbot of the Buddha Jayanti Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple in Sentul must be condemned and should not be tolerated or treated differently from any acts of terror propagated by Daesh sympathizers or any other organizations.