Shortly after the attack in Resorts World Manila, the ISIS group claimed responsibility in a statement, saying “brother Abu al-Kheir al-Arkhabili was able to immerse among a gathering of Christian fighters in the Resorts World Manila in Manila where he carried out killing and hurting until he died as a martyr. About 100 Christians were killed or wounded.”

This, however, was immediately denied by the security forces as there was an apparent ‘lack of evidence’ to in order to substantiate the claim.

Ronald dela Rosa, the Philippines National Police chief’s logic for this justification is that “he would have shot all the people gambling” if his goal was terrorism.

He also said that “this is not an act of terror. There was no element of violence or threat.”

Military spokesman Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla also rejected the claim, saying the attack “does not have the slightest signature of terrorism whatsoever.”

In the event if the PNP finally decided that it was indeed an act of terror by ISIS,  it will be highly unlikely that it was perpetrated by the Mautes as they are too busy in Marawi City. Could it be possible that this attack was jointly planned by Islamic State Isnilon Hapilon group?

There’s also a post by a so-called ‘Islamic State of Marawi Philippines’ (believed to be a Maute insider) on the attack.

Whichever the case is, have they forgotten the basic fundamental questions on terrorism? What are the desired effects of terrorism? Who is a terrorist?

There’s no use trying to sugar coat the aftermath of a botched robbery that has left 36 dead (37, including the suspect — based on report time) by dismissing the possibilities of a terrorist attack or even calling it a terrorist attack in the first place as all the hallmarks of terror-related activities are EVIDENT in the attack.

The use of an M4 assault rifle, random shootings, gasoline and the alleged act of committing suicide — how different could it have been for those any other terrorists who would have claimed it as their work of destruction? Why all the hush about the attacker’s identity?

The management of Resorts World Manila has denied allegations of security lapses on their part.


Based on the CCTV footages released, he managed to evade security checkpoints, know where the back office is, which doors to blast and where the chips are stored.

Eerily, all of these reminds us of the 2009 Marriott attack in Jakarta! 

Go figure! 

Debunking the robbery theory.

First and foremost, who says that terrorists don’t gamble or rob? What have we learned about terror funding? 

Considering that violent extremist groups are desperate for cash and funding, they may and they will resort to gambling activities as this was evident in several reports on Muhammad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi who used his source of funds to roll in online casino gambling. 

How valuable were the stolen chips? Are they encashable elsewhere aside from Resorts World Manila? Can it be sold elsewhere? If yes how much? Does it contain anything valuable such as gold?

If not, why would someone put his life in line if the chips are worthless? 

The story behind the gunman’s death is also quite intriguing.

How can someone burn himself alive, shoot himself in the head with a rifle, and then drop dead the way he was found, with the rifle still carefully placed on top of his body with his left arm above it?

Let’s keep questioning for answers.